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KDO is a company specialized in publicity items and company-gifts.

Located in Switzerland, KDO offers you a great selection of ideas for gifts… to offer your customers. But before Sale comes Advice. This is KDO's calling: carefully selecting, for you, a broad range of gifts adapted to your objectives and to the type of customers you wish to reach.

YOU are KDO's future customer, and we are committed to find the appropriate gift for your company according to your budget.
We offer you the following services:
  • Personalised advice
  • Competitive and fair prices
  • Delivery within the allotted time.

The entire KDO staff is at your service and will not hesitate to move mountains to serve you well and to assure you the appreciation of your customers and business partners.

And as we are always in the need for a nice little gift to offer, call us today for a first meeting. We are at your entire service.

P.S.: Without any obligation on your behalf, you can tell us about your ideas and, together, we will find the perfect gifts for your needs!

We are committed :
  1. To present a professional experience within a high-quality structure.
  2. To employ a qualified task-force trained to the specific expectations of our business.
  3. To advise the customer according to his/her objectives and expectations and to keep a total confidentiality over the transaction.
  4. To respect the visual identity features of the customers and to present the primary models and branded prototypes whenever necessary.
  5. To forbid ourselves the use of the name or the brand of the customer in any commercial document without the written consent of the former.
  6. To confirm for each order, by writing, the prices, the technical branding fees, the description of the planed advertising branding, the delivery-date, the quantitative tolerance and the contractual conditions for shipping, delivery and payment.
  7. To guarantee agreed prices, product quality and delivery-dates.
  8. To control the quality of the goods and of the branding prior to delivery.
  9. To consider any customer's reclamation by offering a response within the three following days.
  10. To remain within the total respect of business ethics as the professional link between the supplier and the customer.